Advanced Workflow Charter

Advanced Workflow Charter is designed for organizations who are either modifying their existing PegaWorks workflows or contemplating a migration to newer technologies and need to document their existing workflow processes.

For the first time, you can visually chart your business processes in a single, continuous image that shows both the high-level view and the details needed to answer key questions and make changes efficiently. Designed for Pegasystems PegaWorks PLI Mainframe implementations and C++ systems, Advanced Workflow Charter empowers Workflow Architects and other business analysts to interactively view and navigate an intuitive visual chart of their Pegasystems workflows.

Advanced Workflow Charter has many benefits for those who are undertaking PegaWorks projects and those who are planning a migration.

Key benefits for Migration and Coexistence projects

For those undertaking a migration from PegaWorks, one of the most important considerations is the preservation of the details and intellectual property that has been invested in the PegaWorks workflows over the years. While many aspects of the implementation will be re-tooled in the new system, the business users need to be assured that they will still be able to execute the same business functions and data-based decisions in the new system. By using a comprehensive automated documentation tool to capture your existing workflows, you will mitigate some of largest risks associated with the project while drastically reducing the costs of creating the documentation by hand. Automatically generate detailed documentation of existing workflows with greater than 90% savings over manual processes Quickly understand workflow processing and business logic for evaluation and implementation in the new system Re-capture the intellectual property written into the workflows over the years by various staff Identify and analyze interfaces and database calls Increase project staffing flexibility by sending documented workflows to various teams for conversion Reduce project timeframe and risk

Key benefits for PegaWORKS projects

Advanced Workflow Charter is designed by Workflow Architects to be useful in all phases of a PegaWorks project including estimation and design, development and UAT, final documentation, and post-production support. By leveraging Advanced Workflow Charter on your next Pegasystems project, you can substantially reduce implementation time and costs. Rapidly understand existing workflows and identify important dependencies Easily identify where changes are needed and how new processes will be integrated into existing workflows Aid workflow debugging efforts Faster and easier Development and UAT cycles Simplifies Pegasystems constructs and facilitates training of new staff Improved change control Establish workflow documentation standards for format and level of detail Rapidly document new and modified workflows with over 90% savings over manual processes Compare workflows across systems or different points in time Satisfy various auditing requirements Easier ongoing support of existing production workflows.

Powerful User Functions

  • Chart Selected Workflows
  • Select Detail Level
  • View Source Configuration Data
  • Zoom in and Out
  • Navigate Interactively by clicking arrows
  • Automatic Tree Layout
  • Select Arrow Types and Control Points
  • Automatic Page Layout for Config Map style paper Documentation
  • Save Chart as Data File for later viewing
  • Add references in chart objects to external documents

Advanced Workflow Charter Demonstration Video

To see a short demonstration video of Advanced Workflow Charter, you must have RealPlayer installed. If you have trouble seeing the video, you should download a free, current version of RealPlayer by clicking here; Each link below will open a new window. Please be patient as it may take up to one minute for the video to start.

Main Features Demonstration

Advanced Features Demo

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