CTI and PegaCALL Expert Consulting

Abrion Systems can bring extensive expertise in Pegasystems technology to bear in your next Pegasystems project. Our staff has been involved with Pegasystems implementations for more than 20 years, and we apply our expertise with the sole objectives of reducing your risk and facilitating your project’s success.

We have exceptionally strong CTI and PegaCALL expertise that has made the critical difference in our clients’ projects. Across the industry, CTI projects are known to be notoriously complex and often overrun their budgets and timelines. Our consulting practice leverages more than 15 years of Pegasystems CTI experience and industry expertise in a wide variety of telecom architectures. We can work with teams from the business and telecom staff to design an ideal CTI architecture and solution, and identify key risk areas and common pitfalls before they can become problematic.

We also know that it takes more than technical expertise to run a successful CTI project. It takes a cross organizational effort led by an expert who can work across the business and technical teams. It takes proactive planning, including defining business requirements and refinements that leverage a strong feature set, and tailored customization of product capabilities.  It also requires proactively setting up viable development and test environments for test calls, strong development execution, efficient troubleshooting, and effective test strategies. These services must be delivered with a high degree of professionalism, strong communication skills, and an unwavering commitment to success.

Our CTI practice is led by Vernon Berger, the former Director of Contact Center Engineering at Pegasystems, Inc. In his former role in the Pegasystems Product Development organization, Mr. Berger designed PegaCALL, wrote much of the original code, and had ongoing management responsibilities for all aspects PegaCALL, including development and successful deployment in the field. Mr. Berger wrote much of the PegaCALL documentation, including the Configuration Guide, Implementation Guide and technical whitepapers, as well as the original Installation Guide.

As the former Pegasystems expert in CTI technology, Mr. Berger was directly involved in many implementations, consulting for clients on site in all aspects of the planning, architectural design, implementation, customization, testing and production rollout. This included working with the clients’ telecom staff in directing modifications to the IVR, PBX, and other aspects of the telephony environment. In addition, he often installed the product and provided the custom Pegasystems configuration to meet the clients’ functional needs. Over the years as the CTI work shifted to the Pegasystems consulting practice, Mr. Berger provided extensive behind-the-scenes support to Pegasystems staff, reviewing architectural design and answering ongoing questions. Mr. Berger has also provided customized CTI training classes for clients as well as internal Pegasystems staff.

Mr. Berger left Pegasystems in 2002 and has played the lead role in a number of CTI projects since, sometimes as a sub-contractor to Pegasystems or their implementation partners, and other times as an independent consultant.

Our CTI practice brings specific skills to the table to drive your project to a successful conclusion: Deep PegaCALL expertise Telecom knowledge and experience needed to implement CTI in complex call center environments Extensive experience working with BAs on refining requirements, application design, leveraging product features, and best practices. Strong CTI project management and experience integrating Cisco (formerly Geotel) and Genesys platforms, Extensive experience integrating multiple PBX platforms, including Avaya, Cisco Nortel, Aspect, and Siemens Expertise.  IVR platforms including DirectTalk, Avaya, Edify, InterVoice, and Syntellect.   Expertise in middleware options and industry standards, such as Avaya TSAPI, and Syntellect CT-Connect.