Advanced Workflow Charter Advanced Functions

If you found the Basic Functions video intriguing, you are sure to want to see some of the more advanced functions. For example:

  • Chart interfaces including MQ Series, and 3270
  • Chart database calls and display SQL
  • Chart GMAP complex data manipulations
  • Compare the same workflow in multiple systems or at different points in time
  • HTML and javascript parsing
  • PLI GACEDATA keyword parsing
  • "Show" function that displays underlying data for each object
  • Display source HTML or GMENU / GACEDATA text
  • Prototype changes to existing workflows
  • Link custom file references and add text IDs to GDOOs and GMENUs
  • Full Database access to configuration data for custom reports and queries
  • Identification of configuration errors including bad references and omissions
  • See sample printed output
Please get in touch with us to arrange a comprehensive demonstration. Email us at or call (U.S.) 781-652-8058781-652-8058. We are on Pacific Time.